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Special Election 2023

ISD 511 Passes Both Questions!

Adrian ISD 511 passed both questions in the special election on November 7th, 2023.  The polls were open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM during that time, 258 district residents came to vote from the cities of Adrian and Lismore as well as residents from Leota, Wilmont, Larkin, Lismore, Little Rock, Olney, and Westside Townships.  There were also four recorded absentee ballots.  

Question 1 was in regards to the 3.11% of net tax capacity for a capital projects levy which passed with 179 yes votes and 83 no votes.  This passing vote will help support the district financially for the next 10 years to keep a rotation of replacing and upgrading technology, safety/security equipment, curriculum, and other deferred maintenance items such as lockers, interior finishes, smaller plumbing upgrades, etc. 

Question 2 was for a General Obligation School Building Bond in the amount of $5.335 million to be paid over 20 years. This question passed with 178 yes votes compared to 84 no votes. A playground committee will be formed to design and plan for equipment to maximize the space starting with the NW corner playground, also known as the “lower” playground as that is used by our youngest learners.  The process for bids on the roof system project, playground equipment, and retaining wall will be completed in the next few months to hopefully make timelines for work to start next summer on some of the items. 

Thank you to the residents of the Adrian School District for showing your support to our current and future students.  By voting yes, we are continuing to invest in the health and well-being of our community as a whole.  Thank you for digging into your pocket books, even in light of rising property valuations and inflation.  Your ongoing support is a foundational block for the strength of our organization.

Special Election 2023 Flyer

 Full Presentation Recording explaining the WHY behind the Special Election Questions:

Short version –  video presentation on the 2023 Special Election


Parcel # Tax Calculator Tool:  Use this tool to find out exactly how much your taxes will increase by parcel number with a passing vote on Question 1 and Question 2.

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Special Election 2023 – Front page in the Nobles County Review for two weeks in August 2023
Written by: Superintendent Schilling

      In the fall of 2022, the Adrian School District underwent a process to refocus a strategic plan with community and school stakeholders. The top three priorities include (1) increasing student opportunities with a real-world focus and application, (2) financial stability in light of decreasing enrollment, maintaining and attracting quality staffing, maintaining facilities, and student opportunities, and (3) to expand opportunities for social, emotional, and cultural learning. 

     District 511 has performed an assessment of the district capital needs.  Based on the review, the district has four primary issues. The first and most pressing being the ongoing maintenance and renovation projects to the district sites and facilities, including but not limited to roof systems and playground equipment. The second being the ongoing technology cost with computers/equipment district wide, technology infrastructure, and technology staff/contracted services. The third being the ongoing replacement of textbooks, curriculum materials and equipment, including shop equipment and musical instruments according to the district’s curriculum replacement cycle. The fourth being the maintenance and enhancement of safety and security measures and equipment throughout the district. 

     All of this is needed to help ensure Adrian School students have the opportunity for equity with other school districts and meet our mission to ensure excellence in academics, athletics, and activities through a safe, supportive learning environment allowing all students to reach their full potential.  Thus, the district is proposing to ask district voters to consider a capital project levy and sale of a General Obligation School Building Bond on November 7, 2023. 

     The School Building Bond and Capital Project Levy will also strengthen the District’s fiscal stability by providing limited, yet much needed financial relief to the District General Fund, which is used for day-to-day operating expenses.  The District has a deficit budget as the state aid does not keep up with inflationary costs to operate the school system. A successful vote in November would be progress on our financial stability priority identified in our strategic plan as well as providing the means to explore expanded student opportunities.

     ISD 511 is proposing to ask the voters in a special election on November 7, 2023, two ballot questions which were approved unanimously by our school board on July 12, 2023 and are as follows:

Question 1: The Board of Independent School District No. 511 (Adrian), Minnesota has proposed a capital project levy authorization in the maximum amount of 3.11% times the net tax capacity of the School District. 

Question 2: The proposed selling of General Obligation School Building Bonds will produce approximately $5,335,000 to be paid over a period of 20 years through levy authority first levied in 2023, payable in 2024. 

     The proposed capital project levy authorization will raise approximately $300,000 for taxes first levied in 2023, payable in 2024, and would be authorized for ten (10) years. The estimated total cost of the projects to be funded over that time period is approximately $8,335,000. The proposed authorization will provide funds for the acquisition, installation, replacement, support and maintenance of software, software licenses, computers, improved technology equipment, networks, infrastructure, the costs of technology related personnel and training, curriculum and equipment and deferred maintenance and renovation projects at school district sites and facilities. The primary targets for the school building bond are replacement of the roof systems, the playground equipment, and the West side retaining wall at the elementary.

     A General Obligation School Building Bond does enact the Ag2School Tax Credit which is a 70% credit for ag land and building taxes. ISD 511’s Net Tax Capacity consists of 85% of Ag classified property.  The Ag2School credit then means that the state would be paying roughly 59% of the project instead of our local dollars.  We will be releasing an online tool soon that allows property owners to type in their parcel number to find out what the tax impact will be to help voters be fully informed. In the meantime, please refer to the table below for preliminary tax impacts.  

     Stay tuned for public meetings where we will share more information and answer any questions you may have.