Professional Development Approval Form

District 511


Complete form, print and return in to District Office.


Name:                Date:


Registration Deadline:


Subject Area:   Grade level  Elem.(Pre-K-5)  MS/HS (6-12)


District Staff Development Goal:


Program Area: Place a check mark next to appropriate area:


Staff Development    Title Program            Other Programs Not Listed

K-5                        Title I                                

6-12                       Title II       

                        Title VI

Staff Development Design/Structures(Note: All the drop down menus are the same… If you need to choose more than one option please use drop down menus #2 and # 3 for second or third choice.)


If your choose is not listed please specify below:


These designs/structures encompassed the following high quality component(s): Check All That Apply.

 Improved and increased teachers’ knowledge of academic subjects and enabled teachers to become highly qualified.

 Improved teachers’ and principals’ knowledge and skills to help students meet challenging state academic standards.

 Improved teachers’ classroom-management skills.

 Advanced teacher understanding of effective instruction strategies using scientifically based research.

 Increased teacher knowledge and skill in providing appropriate curriculum, instruction, assessment, and services for LEP children.

 Provided technology training to improve teaching and learning.

 Provided training that will help teachers ensure all students are technologically literate by the end of eighth grade.

 Provided instruction in methods of teaching children with special needs.

 Included the use of data and assessments to inform classroom practice.

 Helped all school personnel work effectively with parents.


This high-quality staff development was: Check All That Apply.

 An integral part of board, school-wide, and district-wide educational improvement plans.

 Sustained, intensive, and classroom focused; they were not one-day or short-term workshops.

 Developed with extensive participation of teachers, principals, parents, and administrators.

 Evaluated regularly to improve the quality of future professional development.


Cost of Activity (Describe Each)


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If Substitute is Needs, Give Date(s)   Substitute Needed:  Yes  No


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Registration Fee:   Cost of Lodging:   Approximate Cost of Meals: 


If available use district vehicle—District vehicle will be used   Mileage Reimbursement Needed


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        Signature of Person Making Request                                                    Staff Development Committee Approval




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Print form and return to Staff Development Committee for Approval.


When approved—provide copy to District Office.