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Becoming a Tutor!

Our tutors are trained to change the future

Right now, nearly one in three Minnesota third-graders is failing to reach basic levels of literacy. No child wants to feel behind. Minnesota Reading Corps, the nation’s largest AmeriCorps tutoring program, is changing the lives of thousands of children, and is proven to work. Click to review the NORC study that shows Minnesota Reading Corps' success.

Our tutors are the first to see their students’ progress, smiles, and confidence that they can succeed! As a Reading Corps literacy tutor, you can impact children’s lives by boosting their skills and preparing them for reading successfully by the end of third grade. Regardless of your experience or background, we provide training and coaching so all tutors can see their students succeed.

In return for your service you will receive:

  • As education award to help pay for your own education ($5,730 for full-time service, $2,865 for part-time)
  • A living allowance ($544 for full-time members, $272 for part-time)
  • The opportunity to build your professional skills and network
  • Health care and child care assistance benefits if eligible
  • Many new little friends who look up to you

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Welcome to Reading Corps!

Hello! My name is Kristen Scheidt and I'm Adrian Elementary School's Reading Corps tutor. I graduated from Luverne High School in 2012.  I have a bachelor's degree in music education from South Dakota State University. I am currently pursuing my masters in library science. 

I love to read and I love to tutor students on their reading skills!

Kristen Scheidt
What is Minnesota Reading Corps?

What are Reading Corps Services?
  • Reading Corps tutors are trained to provide 1-on-1, twenty-minute sessions with Kindergarten through third grade students.
  • Tutors provide targeted reading skill practice, commonly called interventions, in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency.
  • Tutors are trained in 10 scripted reading interventions.
Who are Reading Corps tutors?
  • Individuals who have signed up to do a year of national service and are commonly referred to as "members."  The tutors receive a living allowance and earn hours of service toward an education award to pay for college tuition or pay back college loans
  • Reading Corps tutors serve as AmeriCorps members who focus on solving a social problem - in this case, preventing reading failure.
  • Tutors serve in part-time or full-time positions at a school and are supervised by an Internal Coach at the school.
  • Tutors are not employees of the school district nor are they paraprofessionals; they may not be used to supplant services provided by the school or site employees.
Which students are eligible to receive Reading Corps Services?
  • Kindergarten through 3rd grade students scoring "below target" on benchmark assessment probes administered by the tutor
  • Students who need reading skill practice versus intensive reading instruction in longer daily sessions
  • Students receiving special education or English Language services are eligible on a case-by-case basis

When are Reading Corps Services delivered?

  • Tutoring sessions occur outside of the student's teacher-led, core reading instruction time during the school day
  • Students participating in Reading Corps receive daily 20-minute sessions
How long do students receive Reading Corps services?
  • Reading Corps tutors administer weekly 1-minute reading probes to students and create individual student graphs to illustrate student progress.  Student graphs include an aim-line from the student's baseline score to his or her grade-level upcoming target score.
  • If a student is making adequate progress, their score will increase at a rate similar to the aim-line.  Students in 1st - 3rd grade who have 3 to 5 consecutive data points above the aim line with two of these scores at or above the upcoming season target should be exited from Reading Corps services; Kindergarten students must have 3-5 consecutive data points above the aim line with 2 of these at or above the spring target.
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Kristen Scheidt

Phone: 507-483-2225 ext. 101


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  Minnesota Reading Corps Demonstrates Significant Impact on Student Reading!

Independent Evaluation Finds Minnesota Reading Corps Model Produces Strong Literacy Gains!

 Among the key findings:

  • After a single semester of tutoring, the average kindergarten student with a Reading Corps tutor performed twice as well as students without one.
  • Reading Corps tutors helped the average first grade student perform 11 percent better than untutored peers, and 26 percent higher than the expected level for on-track students after one semester of tutoring.
  • Students with higher risk factors (such as dual language learners and students who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch) who received Minnesota Reading Corps tutoring significantly outperformed students who didn’t receive tutoring.
  • Student performance did not vary by Reading Corps member characteristics (i.e., gender, race, age, years of education, full/part-time AmeriCorps status, or prior education experience), nor by the specific school at which the tutoring occurred, which suggests the model is highly replicable.