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End Of Trimester #1

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Early Release @ 12:30


Thanksgiving Break - No School


Youth Wrestling Tournament (Home - HS Gym) 6:00PM; Weigh-Ins 4:30-5:30PM


Elementary Christmas Dress Rehearsal @ 1:30 PM - Elementary Gym (see more details below)

Elementary Christmas Concert 7 PM - Elementary Gym (see more details below)



Girl Scout Meeting 6:45PM


T/TH AM Preschool Christmas Program at 9:30-10:30AM



MWF AM Preschool Christmas Program at 9:30-10:30AM

MWF PM Preschool Christmas Program at 2:00-3:00PM 


1st Grade Gingerbread Day 2-3PM


Early Release @ 12:30


NO SCHOOL - Christmas Break


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2019-2020 AES Back To School Update

Greetings to all our AES students and parents!

The summer has flown by and the custodial staff has been working hard to get the building and grounds ready for another great school year.  Everything looks great and new boilers have been installed, as the original boiler system from the original building of the school reached the end of its lifespan.  We have a few changes this year, as Mr. Lofthus has retired and Mr. Schettler will be the new Dean of Students here at AES.  There will be a few other new faces in the classrooms as well, as Mrs. Lexi Lynn will be the new Pre-Kindergarten, Ms. Devin Meyer will be the new Intermediate Title I teacher, and Mrs. Christine Thorson will be the new music teacher.  Other changes that have happened are Mrs. Ivy Kruse will be teaching Kindergarten, Ms. Sara Wiertzema will be teaching 5th grade, and Mrs. Kelsey Diekmann will be teaching 4th grade.  

Dragon Pride is our motto at AES.  This year we are excited to continue in our mission to provide a safe and welcoming place for our students.  Dragon Pride is how we do things at AES. Our building mission statement provides a framework for our students and staff to live by as we go about the daily activities.

AES Mission Statement

“Dragon Pride at AES is treating each other with Respect, taking Responsibility for our learning and actions, and striving for a Safe and Positive school for all!”  

Dragon Pride Expectations

This school year, we want to focus on how we work together to make great things happen!!!  The importance of building positive relationships between students and staff and helping our students appreciate each other is a big part of Dragon Pride at AES.  Our goal is to create a learning environment that works for everyone, including an environment that is free of bullying. Starting on day one we will take the time to emphasize the importance of showing Dragon Pride in all that we do.  This past year we developed what is called our “Building Matrix of Expectations,” which outlines how we need to act in our building, on school grounds, and on our school busses. This matrix is taught to our students so they have an opportunity to truly understand their role.  

Research on Screen Time

With technology becoming such a big part of society today, there has recently been some research conducted that pertains to brain development and the impact too much screen time (tv, video games, computer, etc.) has on how young people learn.  Here are some interesting articles that identify some guidelines to the amount of screen time a student should have and the impact that too much screen time has on the ability to learn, focus, and pay attention for extended periods of time.  Please check out the following links to access this important information:

Is Screen Time Altering the Brains of Children?

Gray Matters:  Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

Screetime and Arrested Social Development

Hands On Learning at AES

Over the past two years we have been introducing STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) to our students through our technology program.  Our students in grades 3-5 were able to demonstrate some of the projects they developed with their parents this past year, which went over very well. We were able to bring in community experts to help our students better understand how things work, such as the water treatment process in Adrian.  This year we look forward to continuing this exciting model of learning for our students, further expanding the program to offer more opportunities for our students to take the concepts they learn in the classroom and apply them in our STEM learning environment.

AES Curriculum Updates

This past spring our teachers worked on our writing curriculum, and spent some time this summer getting our updated writing process ready to use with our students.  Research shows that students that are given the opportunity to engage in meaningful writing experiences will become better readers. In addition, writing about what you are learning allows a child to develop a greater depth of knowledge of what they are learning about.  

Student Learning Is a Partnership

Watching a child progress through school is a wonderful thing.  Helping a child reach their full potential requires a partnership between parents, children, and the classroom teacher.  The teacher and student develop a partnership centered around the learning experiences that are provided. In order for a child to receive the most benefit of these learning experiences, parents need to be very engaged in their child’s school life.  In this busy world we live in, there are some things that are more important than others. Helping our children reach their full potential in a healthy and happy home and school is the most important thing we can do. Kids need our love and support. They need adults that are there to help them work through problems, and to take a deep interest in their daily life.  As we look forward to this school year, let’s join together and create the best partnership we can to help our children become the best they can be.

Thank you again for providing us with the opportunity to work with your children.  We look forward to having a great school year!

On behalf of our AES staff,

Randy Schettler

Elementary Dean of Students

 Keeping In Touch

Again this year we will be featuring the exciting things that make AES a great place for our students and staff to work and learn in our building newsletter titled “Lil’ Dragon Fire,” which is published twice a month and sent home with the oldest student in each family.  There will be a column titled “What’s New At AES” in some of the editions that will highlight things that make AES special.  Lil’ Dragon Fire will also be published on the Elementary Tab on our school website, which can be found at the following link:   

Our Elementary FaceBook page can be found at this link:

Our Elementary Website is the place to go to find information about our school.  Elementary specific items can be found at this link:  ttp://   Here you can find information about our school, including:

*Breakfast/Lunch menus

*Access to the Parent Portal for Infinite Campus where you can check grades, attendance, and account balances

*Teacher websites that include contact information

*Information on our School Wide Title I Program and Literacy Plan

*Our Student Handbook and School Calendar

Adrian Elementary (and the Middle/High School) will continue to have a FaceBook page to help tell the story of Adrian Public Schools. We will use the Facebook page to provide up to date communications and will feature stories about the many special things happening in our schools. 

Building Security Plan Update    

Several years ago we started locking all entrances, except for the main entrance, after the school day was in session.  This past year we made some changes to our Building Security Plan that helped us better maintain a safe and secure building for our students.  Anyone entering the building between the hours of 8:15-3:00 will need to wait in the vestibule area by the office.  In order to enter the building, all visitors will need to use the Video Access Panel on the south wall of the vestibule, and office staff will open the door after asking you to state your name and the purpose of your visit.  Once you enter the building you will need to come into the office waiting area.  Any visitor needing to go beyond the office area will need to sign the visitor log and wear a Visitor Badge.  Upon leaving, each visitor will need to return to the office to sign out and return the Visitor Badge.  This system worked very well this past year and will continue to be in place in your schools.       

Elementary Parking Lots/Traffic Flow/Student Drop Off 

and Pick Up Procedures

This year we are again emphasizing the importance of traffic flow at the elementary.  We provide crossing guards at several key locations, but we need the cooperation of students and parents to keep our parking lots safe for students. Please note the following:

  • The parking lot on the east side of the building is reserved for parents.  Parents can stop to drop off students in the lane along side the east side of the building, but please do so quickly as this is a fire lane. If you anticipate that it will take more than a few seconds please park in the lot so we avoid cars going around you.  
  • The parking lot on the west side of the building is reserved for staff and bus drop off and pickups.  Parents are not allowed to park in this lot.  We have experienced problems with people leaving their vehicles parked in the lane as well, and this will not be allowed.  
  • 5th Street, which is along the north side of the elementary, will be closed each day to traffic from 2:50-3:30 to allow for bus loading.  Please do not park on the south or north side of this street from 2:50-3:30
  • Suggested student drop off locations include the following areas:
  1. 6th Street along the south side of the elementary.  Students can enter and exit through the 1954 entrance.
  2. Oklahoma Avenue boarding the east side of the elementary property.  There are sidewalks for students to follow to enter the main entrance of the elementary.

We ask that parents carefully consider the above information when determining the best location to drop off and pick up your students.